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When we hear the term ‘Natural living’ our mind immediately thinks of it as something that are in correlation with exercising and healthy eating. Though that’s not just the case. Natural living isn’t always about exercise and healthy eating, it comprises conventional medicine practises and ancient abstract techniques in order to link body, mind, and soul. Through this connection we could adjust our mind into our body. Several of these techniques have been used in order to have an organic living, by Indian, Chinese and Japanese culture for decades.

Within Indian society rests a pivotal system of the energy centre located at 7 points all over the body, known as ‘chakras.’ These 7 chakras are connected with human body parts such as thyroid, heart, and stomach. The power of each chakra should move in accuracy with one another and stay put in a state of balance. If any energy centre is imbalance with the others, the mind, the body and soul could be challenged with specific situations.
The Chinese are recognised for their use of natural herbs in their customary medicine practices. The Chinese culture relates to a life called chee (qi) which is known to be a plentiful of energy that is in every direction. The methods used by the Chinese culture are science and art that encompasses breathing techniques, calming moments, and meditation, known as qijong (chee-gung) to purify, protect and spread the pi.
These practices are earning momentum and often hunted by those who are searching for a way in order to natural living or organic living. People sought natural living just to relive themselves from stress, learn about themselves more, and stick to a path to happy subsistence.
Albeit, it is essential to keep yourself healthy when it comes to natural living. We have come up with some of the best health tips and natural remedies that would help you achieve an organic living lifestyle.

Best health tips for organic living:

  • Drinking pomegranate’s juice every day is beneficial for your heart and helpful for the people suffering from low blood pressure.
  • To treat your acidity, chewing few basil (tulsi) leaves after you have your collation is one of the best natural remedies. This doesn’t only assist in preventing acidity, however, avert the formation of ulcers and reflux, as well.
  • Watermelon juice is very helpful when you are suffering from headache due to summer heat. One glass a day is enough and works wonder.
  • This one comes as one of the greatest health tips for those who suffers from migraine.
  • Consuming an apple on an empty stomach in the morning alleviates migraine pain. Many have witnessed these natural remedies to be working on them.
  • For those who have been suffering from dry cough, we have stored this amazing health tips for you- take 6 dates and boil them in ½ litre of milk for 25min in low flame. Consume this drink for 3 days straight and see the result for yourself.
  • You could make your own Ayurveda cough syrup at home through these natural remedies. Chop and peel 6 medium onions, put them in a container and add 4 tbsp. of honey. Cover the container and put it in a bowl with water in it and let it boil for 2 hours in a low heat.
    If you’d apply shredded cucumber all over your face, eyes and neck for 15 min, you will see your acne and blackheads are reducing in a significant amount of time. Amongst the best natural remedies to fight stubborn acne.
  • Natural remedies to fight dark circle- take 1-2 tomatoes, 1 tbsp. lemon juice with a dash of gram flour, and turmeric powder. Mix these ingredients until they become like a thick paste and apply it under your eyes gently. Rinse it off with clear water after 10-20 min. Repeat this thrice a week until it doesn’t lighten your dark circles.
  • If you’re finding a way in order to eliminate the body odour completely, this health facts would help you do that. Apply the mixture of lemon juice and baking soda under your arms.
    There are few natural herbs, as well, that aids cure particular issues in the human body:
    Natural herbs such as ashwagandha help boosts immune system, lower anxiety, and treat inflammation. Boil 1tbsp. dried and chopped root in 1 cup water or milk for ten min. strain and drink 1-2 times daily.
  • For menstrual cramps and people undergo arthritis, black cohosh, one of the natural herbs, is the best medicine.
  • Catnip, from the natural herbs clan, calm upset stomach and reduces anxiety and stress.

Surprising health facts:

Apart from these health tips there some surprising health facts, as well that might astound you.

  • Drinking something hot assist in cooling down your body. This might sound eerie, however, this is the truth. Research has shown that during any hot day, drinking a hot drink might help your body stay cool. Reason being- the increased sweat is the secret; when the sweat vaporizes from your skin, it is capable in order to reduce your body temperature.
  • Do you know more than half your bones could be found in your feet and hands? Humans have approximately 300 bones and cartilage, which ultimately blend together by the time we get to adulthood.
  • Humans are born with 206 bones out of which 106 halves of the bones are located in our feet and hands. Bones in arms are amongst commonly broken bones and reason for half of all adults’ bone damages.
  • Would you be willing to exercise when you’re tired- probably not! However, what if I tell you that doing an exercise could help you get rid of that tiredness you’re feeling at the moment. This health facts suggest that, when you’re physically tired the best thing to do is to exercise.
    Researchers have found that oxygen and blood flow through the body would provide more energy and recuperate your mood. Rising level of endorphin could promote a feeling of happiness.
  • One of the most amazing health facts I found is that your mood could get better after consuming banana. Eating a banana fights depression and anxiety and fuel the serotonin levels of your body. Serotonin works as the chemical to assist you sleep and digest food, as well.
    Banana contain vitamin B6 which aids the brain to generate serotonin, which is cogitated as a mood stabilizer. It affects your emotions and motor skills.
  • Many people doesn’t like to be under the cold weather, but do you know, being under cold weather could be good for your health? One of the health facts study says that colder temperature might help in reducing allergies and inflammation. Furthermore, colder temperature allows you to think distinctly and assist in performing daily assignments better.