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Ecotourism or sustainable tourism encourages the environment to be greener, instead of putting pressure on it and abusing its resources. With passing of each year, the complexity and the importance to comprehend the concept of ecotourism is growing. If you are willing to protect it from any damage, ensure all your travels are done in a way that doesn’t promote alteration of natural resources. We should all work on retaining the ecological balance.


There are several definitions defined by the ecotourism society. However, one of the definitions that stands out, amongst many, is given by The International Ecotourism Society. It says, Eco travels are responsible tourism to natural places that preserves the environ and convalesces the health of people.

While on an eco-tour every tourist should be aware that they are having an effect both on the local environment and on the local society.  They should endeavour, within sound limits, to lessen the impact. In addition to preserving the environment from any damage, tourists should also encourage the local community and try out local products. Though, it wouldn’t mean that the whole eco travels or eco tour would become less amusing.

In order to do eco tour you need to look into the size of the group, as well. You should avoid ‘mass-ecotourism’. It is usually best done in a small or medium group.


Every time we pack our bags and get ready for a journey, we have some sort of excitement. The thrill of travelling to a new place is such. We start envisaging our trips to mesmerising places, unique food we’re going try, meeting new people, learning their customs and culture. Tourism gives us a chance to engage ourselves into the lifestyles of other people. The knowledge of culture of other places would leave an everlasting impression that isn’t easy to forget.

  • Ecotourism or eco tour is important for the people and the planet.

The experience you gather when you travel to a new place, the satisfying feeling, cannot be delivered through verbal expression. And, it can only be enriched by way of eco travels. The societies that don’t do well with their local industries, could gain significantly from tourists who respect their land. It helps a great deal in generating revenue for the local community and supports them financially.

  • Sustainable tourism aids in learning about responsible tourism.

The more we get to know about something, the more we tend to protect it from any damage. It is the same when we learn something about a place, our love and veneration develops. It encourages us to preserve it. Tour guides and hosts are scholars when it comes to share knowledge with visitors The tourists start to get more conscious of the beauty of new ambiances. Sadly, for some, tourists are viewed as some rude visitors who create problems for the local people. Locals often complains about huge traffic, irrational demands, and the incompetence of the tourists to comprehend and respect the dress codes and cultural anticipations. When you travel and choose sustainable tourism, you meet people, share your concerns with one another. Such interaction would give an opportunity to learn more about one another. By doing so you are able to tell them that you would want to explore their land without causing any damage or disturbances to their way of life or affronting their standards. By expressing care for the locals and exhibiting that you have the sense of concern for them , you become a representative of your home and an ally.

  • Sustainable tourism makes us more sensitive.

Regrettably, during our travels, we do not bother to think how much of an effect we are causing the environment. There are several popular attractions that are harsh to the animals and the environment. Some of these places make huge amount of revenue, since many tourists are unaware of the damage and pain it instigates, by simply considering it as entertainment. Similarly, lesser well known attractions might not be able to promote or host a massive amount of visitors at once. They, however, deserve the attention and backing to assist them move forward.

  • Animals go through a lot when we do not opt for sustainable tourism.

Small companies are currently working on to preserve the species from extinction and financial support aids them in this undertaking. However, at most of the well-known attractions, animals are under some serious receiving end. They are forced to perform acts of entertainment that causes them discomfort and stresses them. Rather than paying to view animals in incarceration, go exploration to watch them play in their natural habitats.

  • Planning for nature tourism is much easier now.

Tourism is fast becoming one of the most popular industry in the world. The more of eco tours, the less we welcome the damage to the environment. All you need to do is some proper planning and research in order to find eco- friendly choices that would deem fit for both families and solo travellers. Now with the evolvement of technology, you could plan yourself a trip within a short period of time.


Responsible tourism provides an entirely different view of the planet. It opens our mind to think different and view the world from different a perspective.

We generally come across a massive amount of wastes and litters frequently left behind when there is a large gathering of people that do not respect the waste management policies. Hence, causing negative effects to the surrounding. Sustainable nature tourism could be a powerful agent to protect the environment.

Enjoy the diversities of music and culture that you’d be introduced during your ‘responsible tourism.’ You would notice a different set of experience every time you travel. Everyone has that distinct experience that they do not want to forget.

Every traveller yearns for a sense of adventure in their lives. Eco-tourism amuses that thrill-seeker in you. There are several sustainable adventures on land as well as under the water. Opt for scuba diving or snorkelling to discover the profundity of the water without disrupting aquatic life, or hike through the forests to witness the nature’s beauty. Make your travel safe and create memories for ever.