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With the development of mass industries, it is hard to tell if we could ever live under a healthy environ. Industries and factories are the major reason for the degradation of the ecosystem. It is a pivotal moment for all of us to take a step in order to preserve the biodiversity from any damage. And, to save our biodiversity we need to know about the water conservation, endangered animals, climate change, wild animals, and much more.

We all know that by building industries and factories, we are digging our own graves by putting our biodiversity into danger. We are already in the expedition to doomsday, if you ask me! Biodiversity conservation is an essentially required; it encompasses the diversity of the entire species on earth. It comprises endangered animals, plants, micro-organisms and their genes, water and marine ecosystem.

Biodiversity is important for our existence, since it offers the ultimate goods and service that proffers a healthy environment to direct our life. Biodiversity incorporatex numerous things to our health such as fresh water, clean air, and food products, as well as products like timber and fibre.

The reason why biodiversity is under a threat is due to:

  •         Degradation, loss of habitat, and disintegration
  •         Proliferation of hostile species
  •         Climate change
  •         Less use of natural resources sustainably
  •         Changes in the aquatic environment and water movement.

Recent research suggests that the impact of climate change gravely affects endangered animals, worse than hitherto anticipated. Studies have shown that endangered animals and birds are predominantly influenced by climate change.

Scientists earlier believed that only 7% of mammals and 4% of birds in the IUCN’s ‘red list’ had been affected by climate change. However, the recent studies show that almost half of the endangered animals and a quarter of endangered birds have been exposed to the destruction of climate change.

Examining about 130 reports, the group of researchers determined that every continent’s animal are being influenced by climate change; especially those in high elevation and with specific diet. The researchers are promoting for preservation efforts and governmental act to assist fight the consequences of climate change on endangered animals.

Save wildlife in order to maintain biodiversity:

Wildlife is a valuable gift from god to this planet earth. Wildlife doesn’t only comprise wild animals, however, encompasses all undomesticated life-form containing insects, birds, fungi, plants, and micro- organisms. For keeping a healthy ecological balance, wild animals, plants and aquatic species are as significant as human beings.

Albeit the natural habitats of plants and wild animals are being deteriorated for land establishment and farming by humans. Hunting and poaching of wild animals for jewellery, fur, meat, and leather are the great reason causing the extinction of wildlife. If quickly, no severe action taken against to save wildlife species, they would soon find a place for themselves in the list of extinct species. And it will hit hard on human race, as well.

Here are some reason as to why we need to save wildlife and how does wildlife play a crucial role in maintaining ecosystem:

  1.       For healthy ecosystem

The ecosystem is the relationship between various organisms associated through food chains and food webs. If one single wildlife species get extinct from the ecosystem, it may affect the whole food chain that would lead to some catastrophic results. Take an example of bees- bees are important for growth of particular crops because of their pollen transporting roles. If the bees decrease in quantity, it would directly affect the growth of food crops due to the deficiency of pollination.

Therefore, it is significant to save wildlife for its extinction as it plays a huge role in maintaining the ecological balance.

  1.       For healthy environ

Wildlife plays a major role in preserving the environment healthy and clean. Do you know scavengers such as vultures and eagles that are mostly loathed by us humans, contribute to the ecosystem in a great manner? They assist, by eliminating the corpses and dead bodies of animals, thus, keeping the surrounding clean. Pretty unexpected was that, wasn’t it?

  1.       For protecting biodiversity

Scientists and researchers are determinedly working on the preservation of wild animals and plants these days through ‘gene banks.’ These gene banks are repositories house of tissues and cells of plenty of wildlife species that plays a vital role in agriculture and farming.

Along with cells and tissues, gene bank store plant seeds, eggs, sperms and embryos of several mammal species. And with these tissues and cells, the original plants and animal breeds would be renewed at times of wildlife outbreak.

Conservation of water is another factor when it comes to preserving the ecological balance. Water conservation denotes using water supply wisely, because each of us hinge on water to maintain life, it is our duty to learn more about the water conservation. Since 71% of the planet is covered in water most wonder why there’s any requirement for water conservation? Well, here’s why-

Water conservation reduces the effects of drought and scarcity of water. Adopting proper usage of water would help lessen the chances of facing drought in the future. Due to population and industrial growth the requirement for fresh water is augmenting day by day and the supply we possess stays steady. This is because of the fact that even if the water return to earth through the water cycle eventually, it not returns to the same location, or in the same quality and quantity.

Reducing the wastage of water lowers the energy needed to process and distribute it to households, firms, business, and communities which successively aid to lessen pollution and preserve fuel resources.

Water conservation establishes safe and beautiful communities. Hospitals, fire-fighters, gas station, health clubs, gym, health cleaners and restaurants all need a massive amount of water to offer services to the society. Lowering our usage of water to an extent would mean that these services could persist to be provided.

Water conservation necessitates prudence and effort, however, every little bit assists, hence, do not think what you do doesn’t matter. We all must make alteration in our lifestyles that would change the way our water usage. In order to conserve the ecosystem, act upon it rather than simply think over it once in a while.